For Cheshire and North Wales call Gareth in the North Wales office on 01244 980531

For the rest of the UK call 08000 66 58 37


Tofte Manor is the perfect venue for private, intimate events, allowing you to make this beautiful house and grounds your own for a day or longer. Whatever style of wedding you choose to host at Tofte Manor, our team will guarantee that it is organised beautifully and flawlessly. Welcome to Tofte Manor – a hidden gem.

Address: Tofte Manor, Souldrop Road, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, MK44 1HH


in Bristol, Bath and Avon

Displays must finish by 11pm. It’s the law. Some venues may have earlier curfews.
Jan 1st5:00
Feb 1st5:45
March 1st6:40
April 1st8:30
May 1st9:20
June 1st10:05
July 1st10:15
August 1st9:45
Sept 1st8:45
Oct 1st7:35
Nov 1st5:30
Dec 1st4:50
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