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Using the table below, you can decide what package you’d like by comparing the features of each of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. At the bottom there is a video example of each to watch and get a feel for the packages!
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Max. Duration 4 Minutes 4 Minutes 6 Minutes 8 Minutes 10 Minutes
Off-the-shelf or Unique? Off-the-shelf Unique to you Unique to you Unique to you Unique to you
Quiet display option available?
£10M Public Liability Insurance
Show Design Consultation
Choreography to Music
Quantity Of Fireworks 23 41 87 136 195
Quantity Of Shots 256 1192 1510 1112 1594
Max Calibre / Height (mm/ft) 75mm / 250ft 75mm / 250ft 125mm / 450ft 150mm / 550ft 150mm / 550ft
VIP Start +£40 +£40 +£40 +£40
Visualisation +£200 +£200 +£200
Lancework +£150 +£150 +£150 +£150 +£150
Heart Shells +£20ea +£20ea +£20ea +£20ea x3
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