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Choose music you LOVE for your wedding fireworks display.

Choosing music for a wedding fireworks display is loads of fun. There is one golden rule: choose something that YOU love, or that means something SPECIAL to you both. The fireworks display will be a really special moment in your day – when you both have the chance to spend some time together and to be entertained, without having to be the focus of attention yourselves – so make sure the music adds something to your experience. Over the years we have choreographed wedding firework displays to a huge variety of soundtracks, including pop music, classical music but also more alternative indie tracks, dance anthems, and even heavy metal.

Variety is the spice of life

And when it comes to choosing music for a wedding fireworks display this means changes in tempo. A perfect piece of fireworks music will have highs and lows, and although it can start gently it should ideally end with a big crescendo rather than fading out. Let’s take Rule the World by take That as an example. It has melodic and gently stirring verses which call for atmospheric pretty firework sequences, but these are punctuated with short, up-tempo and uplifting choruses which is where the bigger, brighter bolder firework effects raise the display’s impact to match the music. If you want your display choreographed to several tracks that’s also possible – we can edit them and mix them so that we achieve the right flow over the course of the show. Generally tracks can be edited down to 1-2.5 minutes (although this varies from piece to piece) so for a 6 minute display make a shortlist of 6 tracks, of which 3-4 might make it through to the final cut.

Think about the music you are choosing for other moments in the day

You may well already be choosing music for the ceremony, a playlist for the band or DJ, or your first dance, so don’t forget to think about fireworks music when you’re thinking about those musical moments too. If you are music lovers or you have a number of “special songs” it might be that it’s difficult to decide on just one song for your first dance, so why not consider the rest of your first dance shortlist as possible fireworks music options?

Don’t forget – you don’t have to have your wedding fireworks display choreographed to music – but if you are a music fan or if you want that full son et lumière extravaganza then a pyromusical display really does take some beating. We’re happy to give you advice on the soundtrack for your display, so just get in touch and let us put together a mix for you.

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