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For the rest of the UK call 08000 66 58 37


General information about Single Shots and Mines

Calibre: thes items generally range from 1″ to 5″.

Altitude: from approximately 100-250ft.

General info: typically used for precision timing to music. Being a “single shot” they can be fired with split second timing and can be used in multi-point “hits” across the firing site to accentuate key points in the music. They can also be rippled to create sweeping “chases” back and forth across the firing site to match the tempo and feel of the music. Very short lived on their own, but single shots often provide the accurate choreography and magical moments that transform a good show into a great show.

Types of Single Shots and Mines

Single shot comet: these are usually a silver or gold tail with a coloured tip. The tail can also be strobing.

Single shot mine: similar to the comet version but better suited to punchier pieces of music due to their shorter duration. Larger calibre mines (3″-5″) are sometimes used in quiet shows in place of shells – they are not nearly so loud as aerial shells but still create a big impact.

Single shot mine and comet: a combination of the two above, and available in a huge range of colour combinations. Often the comet will not have a tail as the lower part of the effect is filled by the mine.

Plates: a plate is a single row of shots in a fan formation. These are fused to fire simultaneously or sequentially and can produce a bigger effect than a single shot comet or mine.

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