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General information about Set Pieces

General info: set pieces are typically low level and quiet effects. Some set pieces are static and some move, and the most commonly found set pieces in wedding firework displays are flares and lancework.

Types of Set Pieces

Lancework: individual mini-flares known as “lances” are arranged on a pre-designed wooden frame and fused together to spell out words, images and logos. Many wedding couples choose to have lancework for their display, featuring their initials either side of a red heart shape.

Fountain or gerb: fountains and gerbs spray columns of sparks in silver or gold, and can be fired from the ground or mounted on poles or frames to improve their visibility.

Waterfall: this item consists of a number of units strung below a strong rope which is tied between two poles. When ignited the result resembles a curtain of falling silver sparks – or a waterfall. Video coming soon!

Flares or bengals: a device that produces a very bright illumination effect, often over a duration of up to 1 minute. These items can be coloured or strobing – which is very effective when the firing site is home to trees or other interesting features as strobing flares will send shadows dancing around the area.

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